Data governance, risk management & compliance

Having a governance, risk management and compliance strategy in place enables you to adapt to changes in regulations, technology advances, product innovations and new market growth. A 360-degree view of your risks and operations helps you make decisions, eliminate silos and define future investments.


Audit and consulting in data governance

The implementation of a data governance is essential to ensure the security of information, data compliance and compliance with regulations in force. As a consulting firm, we support you in setting up your data governance through audits, recommendations, implementation of adequate tools and recognized methodologies.

Our governance support offer leads to :

  • Audit and scoping of your data governance project
  • Mapping and classification of IS data
  • Implementation of Data Catalog projects, Data Centric or Urbanization strategies
  • Facilitation of access to qualified, reliable and compliant data
  • Conducting and supporting change in data management


Managing Risks and Opportunities

In an ever-changing, complex and connected environment, your organization faces a range of risks that can hinder the achievement of your objectives. While these risks can have such negative consequences, they can also have positive consequences by being sources of opportunities.

Our risk management support offer leads to :

  • The realization of your risk map, in collaboration with the top management and with the business lines
  • Audit of outsourced services
  • The definition of risk remediation plans and support for their implementation


Implementation of solutions and configurations required for compliance and security

The inflation of regulatory standards is putting additional pressure on your organization today. The compliance process is a major challenge to limit the risks of non-compliance (administrative and financial sanctions from regulatory authorities and impacts in terms of reputation). Mapping your data assets guarantees the security and compliance of your employee and customer data. We help you to ensure the regulatory compliance of your organization while optimizing your processes.

Our compliance support offer leads to :

  • The realization of the diagnosis of conformity and the definition of a project of conformity
  • Compliance project management
  • Training of compliance teams in the understanding of new regulatory, economic and digital issues
  • Support for change related to regulatory developments
  • The security of your data and your platforms
  • Design and implementation of your recovery plans

Our Team

Alain Rivelon


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Risk Management
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